Help Us to Continue Our Work During Covid-19 Lockdown

Help Us to Continue Our Work During Covid-19 Lockdown

21st March 2020,we few students,alumni and research scholars of Jadavpur University decided to make sanitizer in our university campus and distribute to the poor people in nearby area’s who cannot afford to buy from the market. Keeping in mind the increasing demand of hand sanitizer,to started making it in our limited capabilites. Withing two days,we have managed to reach out to our friends,seniors and other people. Common people supported us by donating money,on 23rd day we decided make it in huge quantity. 
The money we got from common people and our seniors,we used that to buy 125litre of Isoproply Alcohol in 23rd March. Since then we are producing hand sanitizer and disinfectants. Throughout this period we have distributed almost 700litre sanitizer to the migrant labours,corporation workers,food delivery workers. We have also sent it to few hospitals. 
While distributing sanitizers,we have noticed that sanitizer distribution is not enough to fight this batlle while the poor people of our society is starving. So from 30th of March,2020 we have started distributing commune cooked food to the homeless peoples,mirgrant labours and others who needed it. Till now we are continuing our work and we will continu to do so till the end of lockdown.

Though as per our understanding,the crisis that we are facing right now is not going to be normalized when the lockdown will be over. The situations of migrant labours,homeless peoples,contractual workers,daily wage labours are going to get worse. It’s totally uncertain whether they are going to get their daily job after lockdown or not. During this period majority of the contractual workers and daily wage labours remianed unpaid. 

The war will be own. Slowly,bit by bit the war will be won. We would like to reiterate that only with your funding we can carry on our work,if you’d like to contribute,here are the details.

Name : Sourav Sahoo

AXIS BANK,New Garia Branch

A/C No – 917010064719427

IFSC – UTIB0001482

For G-pay : 9051712203/8335809029

Once you complete the transaction please let us know by leaving a whatsapp or a simple text message here.

Sourav : 9051712203 

Angana : 9874829895

Souradeep : 9831561063

For any other queries,financial or logistical support you can contact us on the above mention number. Also you may contact us here – 

Hindol : 8902712637

Avik : 8116454727

Satyaki : 8335809029

You may also contact us via emai.

Mail id :

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  1. J Bhaduri

    Good initiative for covid-19 victims.

  2. Shamonjash Bagchi

    Keep it up!

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