52nd Day JUSARS Initiative : Jadavpur Commune

52nd Day JUSARS Initiative : Jadavpur Commune

Today marked the 52nd day of our work. Every single day presents a unique challenge. Yesternight, Sardar Damodar, Leader of The People, Ri(o/gh)ter Extraordinaire, Friend of the Videshi Businessman Nation and generally more useless as an administrator than Admiral Aladeen of Wadiya, advocated a philosophy of self-reliance for the people.

One has to marvel at the sheer amount of misfortune the Indian people are dealt in their administrators. A Finance Minister who is unperturbed by abnormal rises in the price of food items she does not consume. Dietary fascism.

After recovering from the ordeal of yesternight, we cooked food for around 700-720 people today. As the May heat escalates, so too do the woes of the people who wait for us in a queue at each of the places we go to distribute food. We had rice, dal and a soybean-potato mixed vegetable preparation on the menu today. Fortunately today we did not encounter a shortage in food.

We distributed weekly rations to 45 families. Each kit contains 5kg rice,1kg pulse,1kg potato and 500gm Soyabean. And then we ran out of resources and had to turn back 4 people who had come asking for rations. Such failures have become part of our everyday heartbreak.

We manufactured 30 liters of hand sanitizer today, for distribution from tomorrow. Our reserves of sanitiser and rations are running low, and we require assistance from our benefactors, alumni, professors, friends and members of the general public, in order to continue performing our duties.

The time is coming, soon, fellow citizens, when we will no longer be able to continue cultivating our uppercaste, savarna silences. When the struggles that are right now being fought in the streets will enter our homes. And scenes like those from May 1789, France, will be reenacted on the streets and lanes, in homes and palaces, in govt offices and police stations. The people will reclaim their dues. And no government, no police, no party will be able to stop them.

Inquilab Zindabad.

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