45th Day of JUSARS Inititative

45th Day of JUSARS Inititative

Today we reached University only to find out that several attempt of vandalism has been made by some group of unidentified people. The poster was torn into pieces and the hoarding was also broken. It will not be long till we find out who they really are.

Today we were able to reach out to 700 people for the first time. We served them commune cooked food. At the same time we have been able to distribute and sent almost a ton of rice and 270kg pulses. We are able to continue our work with the generous contribution we have received. Such attempt of Vandalism cannot stop us from standing beside the people in need and the migrant workers during this time of crisis. And if somebody deliberately wants to hamper the healthy work procedure of Jadavpur Commune, they will be facing the consequences soon.

  • Sanitization Drive :

We distributed 39LT sanitizer :

A) 21 University guards, 7 delivery boys, 5 civic volunteers were provided with 200ml.

B)Patuli PS were provided with 2LT.

C) Jadavpur University Registrars office were provided with 6LT.

D) 13 contractual sweepers were provided with 100ml

E) 20LT sanitizer was provided to the state government via University authorities.

  • Update Regarding Distribution of Food to the Homeless During Lockdown :

(a) Ration Distribution :

We sent 100KG Rice and 30KG Pulses for 16 families of migrant labors stuck in Patuli We sent 200KG Rice and 60KG Pulses to Kalighat Sorod Pathagar and 400KG Rice and 180KG Pulses to the community kitchen in Champahati started by a fellow University Student. We also sent ration packets to Jharna Di and 17 other families of household helps, daily wage workers and contractual laborers.

From our commune,we have disributed weekly ration to another 12family.

(b) Food Drive :

Our commune served khichuri, alur dom and kumror chutney to approximately 710 people in and around our usual rotues.

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