38th Day of JUSARS Inititative

38th Day of JUSARS Inititative

While we were distributing food in Dhakuria – Some officers from Lake PS tried to stop our work citing the fact that we were “not maintaining social distancing”. Which was of course a complete lie. Jadavpur Commune shall not bow down to state mechinary.

  • Sanitizatin Drive :

We distributed 28 LT Sanitizer :

A) 11 delivery personels, 7 members of Kolkata Police Force, 3 Municipality workers and 15 Jadavpur University guards on duty were provided with 200ml ration.

B) 6 LT was provided for Kolkata Police

C) 10LT sanitizer was sent for the bank staffs of SBI.

D) 2LT sanitizer was provided to a local initiative in Belghoria
who are looking to distribute ration in their area.

E) We sent 40 pieces of soap to be distributed among the essential service workers in Garia.

  • Food Drive :

(a) Joydeb Da and Boudi were provided with 3 weeks ration as they were having difficulties in arranging transport.

We sent 125KG Rice, 30KG Pulses 7KG Soyabean for 50 families in Garia.
We also distributed 11 ration kits to contractual laborers in our University and 8 ration kits to families of household helps and daily wage earners in Sulekha krishna glass, Baghajatin Rabindra Pally and Kamarpara.

(b) Our Commune served around 510 people in our usual routes with bhaat, aam er daal and soyabean.

  • Our Observation :

First of all the Kolkata Police is not a significant enough force to stop the work of Jadavpur Commune.

Second, when the police tried to stop our work, the people who we have been serving for a month now stood up and told us how these “officers” are serving food which is not fit for consumption and stopping all other initiatives from working.

“No rations were provided, these people only come once every 5-6 days and drop a lump of either extra salty or bland khichuri and beat us when we leave our home for trying to find work or buy stuff.
You people come everyday which is why we can still afford to it and these people do not even want that to happen.”
This is the narrative provided to us by the people in Dhakuria.

Faced with the public ire, the white clothed monsters ran with the tail between their legs.
We did however, go up to their PS showed them our permission and we were promised that our work will continue without any sort of hindrance.

Well, Heaven knows what will happen if there is any….

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