Update of 55th Day : Jadavpur Commune

Update of 55th Day : Jadavpur Commune

Today marked the 55th day of our work. Over the past few days, we have noted an increase of activity on the streets. As people are coming to terms with the prospect of having to live with the coronavirus as a part of normal life, they are abandoning all caution, and are openly flouting physical distancing norms. We have also noticed that since the Indian government and the Govt. of West Bengal have both notified relaxations on the lockdown since the 17th of May, with increased transportation, namely buses, trains etc.; people have been expectantly looking forward to being able to go out and travel freely. Jadavpur Commune stands by the people, always, but we are simultaneously really concerned about the fact that the healthcare crisis is being deliberately swept under the carpet.

  • Sanitization Drive : 

Today we have distributed a total of 12 litre sanitizer. 

a) 3.5 litre sanitizer and 120 soap was given to a local initiative in Behala,for distribution in Joka.

b)13 university guard, 7 delivery worker,4 civic volunteer provided with 200ml sanitizer.

c) 8 university staff,9 traffic guard provided with 200ml sanitizer.

d) We have sent 2litre sanitizer for factory workers,half litre each was given to pump workers and staff welfare office.

  • Update Regarding Distribution of Food to the Homeless During Lockdown :

Day 48 :

Ration Distribution : We have provided a weeky rations to 30 families in Garia,with the help of a local initiative.

Food Distribution : Today our commune served bhaat,daal and shak-chochchori to 700 people in our usual route.

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