JUSARS Initiative during Covid-19 Lockdown – Day 33

JUSARS Initiative during Covid-19 Lockdown – Day 33

Before giving today’s update here’s a quick note. In the last week alone we have sent around 3.5 tons of rice to different locations such as Sundarban,Bankura,Purulia,Murshidabad. Several local initiatives are working there,in which there are some comrades from Jadavpur University. These few places are facing crisis of basic daily rations. And we believe there are more and more such places. We request you to contribute in this initiative so that we can reach out to more people those who are not getting basic daily rations,that too in this time of universal crisis when ration should be the basic right for every citizens. Do contribute,share this message.

Help us here –

Account transfer : 

Name: Souradeep Chakraborty 

Bank Name : ICICI Bank

Acc no: 430101500246 


Google- pay / Paytm / Paypal : 9051712203.

Gpay : 9831561063 

For any other information related to our work, financial or logistical help or contributions please contact :
Sourav : 9051712203

Angana : 9874829895

Satyaki : 8335809029


  • Sanitization Drive :

Today we have able to procure 500LT Isopropyl Alcohol with which we look to continue our sanitation drive.
We had a paltry amount left from our old stock.
WE distributed it :

A) Tarit da and other Jadavpur University guards were provided with 50ml ration.

B) Delivery boys and Municipality workers availed 1LT sanitizer.

C) Civic volunteers were provided with 30ml ration.


(A) Ration :

We distributed a weeks ration to Joydev da.

We also distributed our ration kits to 5 families of migrant labors and household help in Dhakuria Rail Station, Kasba and Kamarpara respectively.

(B) Food Drive :
Today our Commune served Bhaat, Lauer Dal and Kumro Alur Torkari to approximately 530 people in and around :

Dhakuria – Golpark and Gariahat Crossing
Tollygaunge More
Charu Market Area.

If the government is failing with all its machinery and administrative power, so will we.
But till the last grain in our stock has been exhausted, Jadavpur Commune will be out on the streets everyday.
Even if we lose our sanity, heart and much of ourselves on this path.

The Commune shall not fall.

দুঃখ-যুগের দারায় দারায়
যারা আনে প্রাণ, যারা তা হারায়
তারাই ভরিয়ে তুলেছে সাড়ায় হৃদয়-বিল।
তারাই এসেছে মিছিলে, আজকে চলে মিছিল-

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  1. Jay Kay

    You need a Commune bank account. It’s difficult raising funds on personL names.

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