JUSARS Initiative during Covid-19 Lockdown – Day 30

JUSARS Initiative during Covid-19 Lockdown – Day 30

WE started our initiative exactly 1 month ago. Since then, everyday we have been out in service of the people who needed us the most.
Till the lock down ends, these people shall not be failed.
Word of honor.

  • Sanitization Drive :

A) 18 Delivery boys came to the university to avail 50ml ration.

B) 5 Civic volunteers were provided with 50ml ration.

C) All guards on active duty were provided with 40ml ration.

D) We also sent 100 pieces of soap to a local initiative in Burdwan to distribute among the sanitation workers.

  •  Food Distribution :

(A) We handed over 14 packets of ration to families of daily wage laborers, household helps and migrant labors in and around Taltala, Kamarpara, Baghajatin Khalpar, Safuipara and Lake Gardens Rail Station area.

(B) Our small Commune served approximately 410 people with rice and doi katla in and around :

Jadavpur and Dhakuria
Golpark and Gariahat Crossing
Charu Market Area

We make people stained with hunger stand in lines and then inevitably fail to provide food to a number of them. Despite our best calculations we come short.
We guess against an universal pandemic like hunger, we will always fall short.

There is no winning against this demon. No vaccine to this virus. There is just relentless struggle and continuous failure.

May we have the heart to take the losses and charge ahead with the best of our efforts on a daily basis.
We are trying our best, but our best is never enough.

“ব্যর্থতা বুকে, অক্ষম দেহ, বহু অভিযোগ আমার ঘাড়ে
দিন রাত শুধু চেতনা আমাকে নির্দয় হাতে চাবুক মারে।”
– সুকান্ত ভট্টাচার্য

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