JUSARS Initiative Day 35

JUSARS Initiative Day 35

Update of 35th day.

  • Sanitization Drive :

Today we did distribute close to 21 LT sanitizer to more than 100 people who came to the university to avail their ration.

A) Garfa Thana, Survey Park Thana and Patuli PS were provided with 1LT sanitizer.

B) 18 Delivery boys came to university to avail 100ml ration.

C) 14 Civic Volunteers availed 100ml ration.

D) All members of Jadavpur University staff, Guards on duty in Gates 4-3-2-1 and Guards on active duty in Aurobindo Bhavan were provided with 100ml ration.

E) We sent 40 pieces of soap for auto – bus – rickshaw drivers living in a colony near Baisnabghata, Patuli.

From tomorrow, large scale sanitation drive will begin.

  • Food Distribution :

(a) We sent 75KG Rice and 30KG Pulses for 40 families of rickshaw – bus and auto drivers near Patuli.
We will try to provide them with more ration in the coming days to the best of our abilities.

We distributed our ration kit to 11 families of migrant labors, daily wage earners and household helps in and around Sulekha, Baghajatin Vidyasagar, Talatal, Lake Gardens Rail Station and Kamarpara.

(b) Our Commune served Bhaat, Dal, Bori diye Lauer Torkari and Tomator Chutney to approximately 490 people in our daily routes.

  • Our Observation :

A lot of mandir’s have started(and stopped) distributing food in South Kolkata. No doubt a commendable effort –
Although their regularity with that insane amount of funding leaves a lot to be questioned

Take for instance, Ram Thakur Ashram.
They distributed food alongside us in Jadavpur today.
However, the food was unfit for consumption(most did not) and made without any care or love.

It is quite pointless to believe that Ram Thakur Ashram with its pristine walls and marbled stairs cannot afford decent ration on a regular basis to provide to the people in need in such times.
It is an entirely separate question if at all they want to.

As a symbol of a system that stands on the pretext of holding the destitute close to their god, their behavior in serving the food, interaction with the people and body language lacked warmth if not anything else.
As long as we consider feeding the poor as charity and consider their existence to the “will of God” – This is the output our society will experience.

When we consider extending the security of food to the economically marginalized spectrum as a
duty(because the gov tends to forget it with ease from time to time) – as a responsibility (Because God clearly wont)
and as a political practice (because politicians are not going to) that must come first before all the books,theories,elections and debates in the world –

Things might change.

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