JUSARS Initiative Day 34

JUSARS Initiative Day 34

Its been 34days that we from Jadavpur Commune, are trying to reach out to maximum possible people in our limited capabilities. We would like to thank each and everyone who helped us to carry out sanitization drive,food drive and ration distribution. 

As we are crossing another day,we are getting more and more calls from several other places including Kolkata and nearby regions. As per our capacity we have sent almost 4ton rations to three other districts of West Bengal. With our generous help we will continue to do so. 

Yesterday we have managed to procure 500litre of Isopropyl Alcohol. While we are updating this,few of our comrades are at work producing hundreds of litre of Sanitizer which we will distribute again after 72 hours. (According to WHO,72 hours of quarantine is must after production). From the very first day we are throughly following WHO guideline.

Today we distribute 50ml each ration to University staffs,few municipality workers,banking sector workers and food delivery workers. From 27th April,we will be able to start our sanitization drive with full effectiveness.

Ration Distribution :

Ration packets were given to 10 6 families of household helps and daily wage laborers in and around Suelkha, Baghajatin, Kamarpara and Safuipara.

7 contractual workers of our University was also provided with respective packets of ration.

Each packet contains : 5kg rice,1.5 kg pulse,400gm soyabean and 2kg of potato.

Commune Cooked Food Distribution :

Our commune served Bhaat, Dal, Alu Potoler Torkari and Tomator Chutney to approximately 520 people in our usual routes.

Our Observation :

Slowly homeless people stuffed in various government housing shelters like animals are descending into the streets. Citing mistreatment, horrible food and sanitation conditions these people are simply refusing to avail the despicable standard of shelter run by the administration. People put in a Gov Shelter near Tribeni are continuously running away to come and avail what we are serving. 

This picture is going to a be a stark reality all across the city. It is just a matter of when.

রক্তের বুকভরা নিঃশ্বাস, আঁধারের বুকফাটা চীৎকার- এই নিয়ে মেতে আছি আমরা কাজ নেই হিসাবের খাতাতে।

সুকান্ত ভট্টাচার্য

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