Jadavpur Commune provided rations to Migrant Labourers and Tribal populations in and around Kolkata : Day 50

Jadavpur Commune provided rations to Migrant Labourers and Tribal populations in and around Kolkata : Day 50

Today marked our 50th day of work. As we got the news from our sources that a huge number of migrant labourers are starving very near to our location, a week’s worth of rations was delivered to 150 families of migrant labourers stuck in Garia. Every day, we bear witness to events that shatter all our existing epistemic narratives.

On another note we have also able to sent weekly rations for 250 tribal familes in Kheyadaha. Tomorrow these rations will be distributed among them.

The problems faced by migrant labourers as a result of this horrific, unplanned lockdown have been untold and innumerable. From being doused with bleach in the name of disinfection, to being run over by a goods supply train while sleeping, exhausted after having walked hundreds of kilometers on an empty stomach. Today we encountered a group of labourers who were stuck in Canning. They had to reach Park Circus. To do so, they began walking from Canning to Park Circus. No administration helped them. Not the BDOs, SDOs, of any of the blocks on their route. Not even the police. When we encountered them outside the University, we asked them to stop. They told us their stories, recounted to us their plight. We requested them to partake of a meal at the University. Our traditions, our heritage did not allow us to do otherwise. After they had had their meal, we requested them to take a week’s worth of rations with them on their way to Park Circus.

Sanitization Drive :

Today we have distributed around 13litre sanitizer .

A) Our comrades have distributed 7 litre sanitizer in and around Sulekha bazar and Jadavpur 8B bazar area.
B) 21 university guards, 8 delivery personnels, 12 municipality workers were provided with 200 ml.

C) Security guards in and around Sulekha to jodhpur park were provided with 50ml sanitizer.

D) 12 civic volunteers availed 100ml.

  • Update Regarding Distribution of Food to the Homeless During Lockdown :

Ration Distribution :

Apart from sending rations to 300 tribal families and 250migrant labourers we have also provided 27 family with a weekly rations.

Food Distribution : Today our commune served bhaat,daal and soyabean curry to 710 people in our usual route.

For past 43days we have been continuously distributing commune cooked food in and around Jadavpur station,Dhakuria staion,Gariahat-Golpark, Charu market area,Bangur area.

Note : 

With your generous contributions we are looking forward to continue our work.

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