49th Day of JUSARS Initiative

49th Day of JUSARS Initiative

  • Sanitization Drive :

We distributed 19 Lt sanitizer :

A) Our comrades have distributed 5litre sanitizer in and around Baghajatin bazar and Shri Colony bazar area.
B) 19 university guards, 13 delivery personnels, 15 municipality workers and  6 vans running essential goods services were provided with 200 ml.

C) Security guards in and around Sulekha to jodhpur park were provided with 50ml sanitizer.

D) 12 civic volunteers availed 100ml.

  • Update Regarding Distribution of Food to the Homeless During Lockdown :

Ration Distribution : 
On the 49th day of our commune we have sent ration to 250 families of a tribal village situated at Kheyadaha. We were indeed blessed to come in contact with people who although have very limited resources but a heart of gold and thus took it upon themselves to provide us with fishes fresh out their pond in the upcoming days.

In the time of crisis when the government has repeatedly failed to provide the basic means and security to the migrant workers of the country , common people have come forward to help them in whatever ways they can. The commune has provided 150 families of migrant workers with weekly ration and will be providing more in the coming days.

Food Distribution : 

Commune served 710 people with bhat dal and chiken keema in our usual routes.

Our very own Pradeep da, contributed chicken keema. Workers solidarity long live!

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