44th Day of JUSARS Initiative

44th Day of JUSARS Initiative

  • Sanitization Drive :

We distributed 19 LT sanitzer :

A) Members of Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee were provided with 6LT sanitizer.

B)12 Delivery Boys, 14 Guards, 6 Civic Volunteers and 2 Municipality Workers availed 200ml.

C) 14 Contractual sweepers were provided with 50ml ration.

  • Update Regarding Distribution of Food to the Homeless During Lockdown :

a) We have procured 2 tonnes of rice which we will look to distribute as ration in the days to come.

We distributed 17 ration packets today from our commune’s working place. Another 16 packets of ration has been sent to migrant labours staying near Patuli.

Each packet contains 5kg rice,1kg pulse,2kg potato and 1kg soyabean.


(b) We served bhat, daal and kumro diye alur torkari to approximately 610 people in our usual routes.

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