43rd Day of JUSARS Inititative

43rd Day of JUSARS Inititative

Day 43

  • Sanitization Drive :

We distributed 20LT sanitizer today.

A) 1LT sanitizer was provided to a local initiative working in Garia.

B)80 pieces of soap were provided to a local initiative looking to distribute it in Dhakuria.

C) We provided 200ml ration to 8 Delivery Personnel, 6 Civic Volunteers, 4 Members of Kolkata Police Force, 4 Municipality workers and 11 University Guards working in Estate.

D) 12 Contractual sweepers working in our University were provided with 50ml ration.

  • Food Distribution :

a) We supplied rations to 19 contractual workers in our university.

We also provided ration packets to 7 families of daily wage earners and household helps in and around Sulekha, Rabindra palli, Narendrapur and Ajaynagar.

(b) We served approximately 580 people with bhaat, daal and echor diye chingri in our usual routes.

  • Our Observation :

4th May, 1886.
The Haymarket affair.

At around 10.30 PM, Sam Fielden was just finishing his address to around a thousand people.
A rally was taken out earlier in the evening which was led by August Spies, Albert Parsons and Samuel Fielden and they had gathered in Haymarket Square to speak about the general situation of the eight-hour movement and to throw light upon various incidents in connection with it.

Although a large number of officials were on the spot, suddenly the police arrived en masse, marching in formation towards the speakers’ wagon, and ordered the rally to disperse.

Suddenly an identified person threw a home made bomb filled with dynamite and ignited by a fuse into path of the advancing police. The bomb killed 1 policeman and injured 6 others.

Those who later testified said immediately after the blast, there was an exchange of gunshots between police and the demonstrators.At least 50 – 70 people were injured in the ensuing gunfire.

In the aftermath, the state machinery jumped with it all its force to clamp down on all unions following the incident.
Union Leaders, Social Democrats, Workingmen, labor and immigrant communities only remotely related to the Haymarket Affair, were arrested.with any law and order protocols.

The Government then conducted a sham trial Illinois vs. August Spies et al were Judge Gary displayed open hostility to the defendants, consistently ruled for the prosecution, and failed to maintain decorum.
A motion to try the defendants separately was denied.

Judge Gary sentenced seven of the defendants to death by hanging and Neebe to 15 years in prison.

Out of the 7, our defendants—Engel, Fischer, Parsons, and Spies—were taken to the gallows .

They sang the Marseillaise, then the anthem of the international revolutionary movement. In the moments before the men were hanged,
Spies shouted, “The time will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today.”

Today, through our work, let their voices be heard the loudest. Let their dreams and thoughts be cherished and their work be taken forward.

Forever on wards towards victory, Comrade.

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