42nd Day of JUSARS Initiative

42nd Day of JUSARS Initiative

  • Sanitization Drive :

We distributed 17 LT Sanitizer.

A) 5 Delivery Boys, 7 Civic Volunteers, 9 members of the Kolkata Police Force and 2 Municipal Workers availed 200ml.

B)14 Contractual sweepers employed by the University were provided with 100ml.

C) 17 University Guards, 7 ATM security guards and 12 University staff were provided with 200ml ration.

  • Update Regarding Distribution of Food to the Homeless During Lockdown :

Ration : We supplied ration to Badal da and 7 more families. Our ration stock is almost over. We will refill it tomorrow. We are providing regular rations to 250 people. Apart from this we are sending around 4ton of rations to several districts per week.

Food Distribution : We served bhat, dal and fulkopir torkari to approximately 600 people in and around our usual routes.

  • Our Observation :

As today is 3rd May,we would like to remember the historical signifance of this day. When our fellow migrant workers and the poor people is not even getting minimum rations,when basic human rights is being denied,when this system is failed to protect its own people its high time we reconsider our glorious past and act accordingly.

On the 3rd May, 1886 a strike in the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company plant turned violent when the strikebreakers who entered the factory with the help of a 400 strong police garrison were confronted by the strikers when the factory bell rang. In the melee, the Police fired and killed 6 people. This incident sparked of the Haymarket affair next day.

We remember all our fallen brothers and sisters. When the time comes, we shall avenge them and build the world they wanted to build.

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