36th Day of JUSARS Initiative

36th Day of JUSARS Initiative

বৃষ্টি পড়লে কি কমিউন আসবে না?
তা হবে? তা হবে না।

As we said before,once we get enough stock of alcohol we will continue sanitization drive with full effectiveness. Here we are,today we distributed 87 Litre sanitizer.

A) 10LT sanitizer was provided to a local initiative working in Ultadanga – Salt Lake – Tala and its adjacent areas.

B) 5LT sanitizer was sent to be distributed in Bansdroni Bazaar.

C) 50LT Sanitizer was sent for the workers in North Bengal Tea Estate and Siliguri area.
200 pieces of soap were also sent.

D) 13 Delivery Personnel, 11 Civic Volunteers, 15 University guards an 4 Municipal Workers availed 50ml ration.

Food Drive :

  • Ration Distribution :

We sent 600KG Rice, 120KG Pulses and 30KG Soyabean for approimately 120 families in South Barasat.

As we all know lakhs of migrant worker’s are in most difficult situations during this lockdown. We sent 25KG Rice, 10KG Pulses, 2KG Soyabean, 500gm Onion and 500ml Oil for 9 migrant laborers from Assam stranded in Tollygaunge.

We also provided 4 packets of our ration kits to 4 families of daily wage earners and household helps in Kamarpara, Sulekha Krishna Glass and Bansdroni.

  • Food Distribution :

Despite the rain, our commune served bhat, dal, bori diye lal sakh and aamer chutney to approximately 550 people and more in our usual routes.

We were delayed but when we reached our stops, we saw people had already gathered in our locations from 11.30.


When we reached we were told,
“Amra jantam tomra ashbe, tomra jadavpur na, ashbei theek.”
(We knew you would come, you lot are from Jadavpur, We knew you would)
These were not the regular faces. Not the faces we have grown accustomed to seeing at least.
But then, who has ever grown accustomed to hunger?

আমি দিন ভিখারি নাইকো কড়ি
দেখ ঝুলি ঝেড়ে !

হরি দিন তো গেল
সন্ধ্যা হল
পার কর আমারে !

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