Amphan and Covid-19 Relief Update : Jadavpur Commune

Amphan and Covid-19 Relief Update : Jadavpur Commune

Today is the 67th day of Jadavpur Commune. For last tweleve days there was no update in this website,and we would like to apologize for this. The work that we were doing before Amphan cyclone hits West Bengal,sanitization drive,ration and commune cooked food distribution is running perfectly. Other than this Covid-19 relief,since 20th of May we are running an parallel initiative to provide dry ration kits and other emergency supplies to the hinterlands of Cyclone affected Bengal.

Jadavpur Commune preparing dry ration kits at Jadavpur University.

On 24th of May,a team consisting seven members of Jadavpur Commune have reached Sunderban and South 24 Parganas. We have distributed more than 5000 dry ration kits. Each kit contains Chirey,Batasha,Chatu,Biscuits,Soap,ORS and Zeoline. Other than the kits we have also provided baby foods and sanitary napkins for womens.

Halderbheri,Deulbari and Nagenabad – these are the villages that we have able to cover as of now. We have provided weekly rations to hundred families in Kishorimohanpur village. Another 500kg rice,100kg pulses and 40kg Soyabean have been provided to two relief centres where villagers are staying at. Villagers are running their own community kitchen,in second phase we will send another 1000kg rice,200kg pulses and 100kg Soyabean to them.

And now we are preparing for second round of reliefs. Jadavpur Commune will reach out to K-Plot of Sunderban and Mathurapur which is one of those most affected places in Sunderban region. While we are increasing the quantity of dry rations at the same time we are providing tarpaulin too. In this phase we will distribute total 4000kg of Chirey, 1000kg Batasha, 20000 packets of biscuits,1000kg Chatu,250kg of bleaching powder,16000packets of ORS and Zeoline as dry rations. 500 piece of Baby Foods and adequate number of sanitary napkins will be distributed too.

Weekly Data of Sanitization and Food Drive :

Before Cycolne hits Bengal,we were providing 750 meals daily. But now we are providing more than 900 meals per day to the homeless and poor people on our usual route .( For our Covid-19 work please check out older posts)

Last week we have provided approx 5tons of rice,one ton pulses and 200kg Soyabean as rations. We all know that Sunderban and South 24 Parganas is not the only Zilla which was directly affected by Amphan,but a part of Kolkata and North 24 Parganas and East Medinipur was also affected massively. We have sent weekly rations for 400 families in a Tribal Village near to Kolkata. We are also trying to provide them few tarpauline as their small huts have been destroyed by Amphan. Weekly rations provided to more than 500 people from our campus,we are providing them since 30th March when we have started Food and Ration distribution apart from sanitization drive. A local initiative of Howrah were provided to 500kg rice,100kg pulses and 50kg Soyabean. A migrant workers basti in Garia were provided with 1000kg rice,200kg pulses,400kg potatoes which was distributed among 200 families. Another affected village of South 24 Pargana,Bhangar provided with 1200kg rice,100kg Soyabean,whereas they have sent us fresh green vegetable in solidarity. 

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    Your determination and courage have baffled me. May you continue your mission and be a symbol of love and hope.

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