Jadavpur University’s foundation was built on people’s struggle against British Imperialism. Throughout the decades, the students of this university have time and again stood for the people, whenever the society needed them. From partition to Bangladesh Liberation War to the tumultuous times of ’60s and ’70s in our country, Jadavpur University has always been the place from where many initiatives have blossomed to stand beside the people in need.

Our present effort is nothing but a small addendum to that glorious history of our Alma Mater. The Students, Alumni and Research Scholars of Jadavpur University have come together to stand beside the people of our country during the COVID-19 crisis. By manufacturing and distributing sanitizers, distributing rations, running a community kitchen, we are just trying to do a little bit to stand beside those who work everyday to keep the wheels of the society moving. However, we would not like to end here. In the future, we would like to take this initiative forward as and when needed, whenever the people of our country need us.

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